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Include USB hard drives in the Unraid array


USB hard drives are usually the first step when the memory in the laptop or PC is no longer sufficient or the data should simply be mobile. If there are more and more data often follows the step to a file server or NAS (Network Attached Storage). There you can manage your data centrally, USB hard drives are actually no longer needed.

If you have chosen Unraid as your file and applications server operating system, you can still use the USB HDDs as storage. This is because Unraid does not use a RAID, but a parity system. With the parity system, different hard disks with different sizes can be combined, including USB disks.

Using USB hard disks with Unraid

In order to add the USB HDD to the Unraid Array, it must first be stopped. You can initiate this process under the “Main” tab at the bottom under “Stop”. All Docker and virtual machines are stopped, network drives are no longer available.

Now the USB hard drive only has to be plugged into a free and preferably USB 3.0 supporting USB port. The hard disk is recognized and can be easily integrated into the array. Now the array has to be started again.

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Stop Unraid Array

    Under “Main” click on the “Stop” button at the bottom and confirm.

  2. Connect USB hard disk to the server

    Connect the USB hard drive to a USB port. In the best case, the USB port supports USB 3.0, which is usually indicated by the blue plastic in the port itself.

  3. Add USB hard disk to the array

    Select the hard disk under “Main” and “Array”.

  4. Restart Unraid Array

    Under “Main” restart the array with the “Start” button.The hard disk is now mounted in the array:

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