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unRaid Server with ZFS only

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Automatic data error correction. Each individual block in the file system is provided with a checksum so that data errors in the file system (e.g. caused by data transfer errors) can be detected automatically and corrected without manual intervention if necessary. One sees thus ZFS is quasi a Eierlegende Wollmilchsau. You would like to have this as a standard file system on your Unraid server. Is that possible? With small workarounds it is possible.

Run Unraid Server with the ZFS file system only

There is already a ZFS plugin for Unraid, but you can’t run only ZFS pools. This is because Unraid normally stores some configuration data on the array and this does not work without native integration of ZFS. But there is a simple solution: A “normal” pool. You just need a USB stick or a USB harddisk. You run this as a normal array in Unraid. Then you can create a ZFS array with the remaining disks. The solution is not completely clean yet. But Lime Tech has hinted at a native intigration of ZFS, so if it is not very urgent wait and see.


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