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Mine Chia at Unraid

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Chia is currently an emerging cryptocurrency, unlike Ethereum or Bitcoin for example, it does not require computing power, rather it requires an enormous amount of storage space as a proof of space concept. Whoever wants to generate Chia has to… Read More »Mine Chia at Unraid

unRaid Server with ZFS only

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Automatic data error correction. Each individual block in the file system is provided with a checksum so that data errors in the file system (e.g. caused by data transfer errors) can be detected automatically and corrected without manual intervention if… Read More »unRaid Server with ZFS only

Unraid Hardware Requirements

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Unraid is a closed-sourced Linux based home server / NAS operating system. It offers a WebGUI and supports virtualization with Docker and Virtual Machines. The intended use is really versatile.But what hardware requirements does Unraid need? Unraid itself is very… Read More »Unraid Hardware Requirements