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Are Factorio LP’s boring to begin with?

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If you watch a Factorio Let’s Play, you’ll quickly realize that the first few videos don’t exactly offer the most exciting in-game material. At the beginning of this building game, most of the work consists of collecting the important basic raw materials and constructing the corresponding buildings and assembly lines, with which you can mine these raw materials. All of these steps are admittedly not exactly the best thing in the world, but they are necessary so that you can build your industry in the course of the game. Now, of course, the legitimate question arises at this point: How can the Lets Plays be made exciting in this respect?

Factorio LP’s fill with explanations

Especially in the first videos it is important to draw the players into the game. That’s why you should think about a few topics that you could talk about at the beginning to make the collection of resources a little more interesting. But which topics come into question? In fact, there is a lot of interesting background information about the game itself that you could talk about in order to explain it to the audience. How did the game come about? Who is the manufacturer and how long has Factorio been around? Are there any new features that can still be expected through updates and what makes the game Factorio unique? All these topics can help make the first few videos of the Lets Play a bit informative. Then it doesn’t even matter that these videos might not feature the most gripping in-game footage.

Start completely different

Many players start their LP’s with a high supply of raw materials in order to be able to build a great industrial landscape over time. Therefore, in this case, many of the raw materials are available at the beginning of the game, which indeed makes building the plants easy. However, if you make the basic settings in such a way that raw materials are rather rare to find on the map, you will be in the situation where Factorio is a real challenge from the very beginning. The raw materials have to be found and somehow connected beyond the map so that you as a player are able to let the industry develop. This should be a challenge even for Factorio pros and can make the game even more interesting that way. So, if you want to start off in a completely different way, you can make the Lets Play in such a way that you don’t need much excitement at all, since you have enough to do with discussing the logistics of the raw materials.


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