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What makes a build-up game?

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So-called building games are a variant of computer strategy games. If you want to give free rein to your creativity and create your own world, these games are perfect for you. Building games focus on growth and construction of a fictional universe. This makes them very different from other computer strategy games, where the focus is often on defeating opponents. In a building game, there is no concrete goal to achieve. The player can design his world according to his own wishes. Only when the fictitious area to be built on has been completely occupied are there limits to the game. The focus of a building game is on city building, diplomacy and resource management. The player is responsible for his world and must ensure that no hardship breaks out. Construction games are usually designed for single players. A top-down or isometric perspective is often used to ensure the best possible overview.

Factorio sets new standards

With the game Factorio, game fans will now find a great building game, which is set on an alien world and thus offers completely new and interesting possibilities. That’s why this game is definitely worth a look, because you can have a lot of fun building up an industry on an alien planet.

Do construction games have positive benefits?

Computer games are often criticized for having a negative influence on children and young people in particular. This is not the case with building games, however. Of course, not all free time should be spent in front of the PC. However, building games can promote creativity, empathy and working out solutions to problems.

What are the variants of construction games?

Besides Factorio, the variety of construction games is growing steadily. The most popular are still city-building simulations. Here, the player builds as large a city as possible. One of the first simulations was the SimCity series. Nowadays, you can choose between a variety of settings. Everything is represented, from science fiction and the Middle Ages to ancient cities. The player’s task is to take care of the needs of the inhabitants. In many city-building simulations, random disasters (natural disasters, diseases) are part of the game. These challenges must be overcome.

Theme park simulations are also very popular. As the name suggests, the player builds a theme park. These simulations are divided into different difficulty levels. At a low difficulty level, the focus is only on the construction strategy. If the difficulty is increased, the financial situation of the operation also plays a role.

Another subcategory of construction games are management and factory simulations. Here, the economic aspect is also in the foreground, but the aspect of caring predominates.


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