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Unifi Talk is now available in the UK

Unifi Talk is now available in the UK and offers 3000 free minutes to the UK, USA and Canada for 7.99 £ a month.

UniFi Talk Application 2.2.0 adds support for the United Kingdom and introduces Advanced Call Routing as well as per-number emergency address management.

UniFi Talk is now available in the United Kingdom. Additional functionality, such as number porting, will be available in a future release. If you’ve already set up UniFi Talk, you’ll need to reset the UniFi Talk Application and select the United Kingdom as your region during the setup process to subscribe to UniFi Talk with United Kingdom numbers. Each UniFi Talk number is £7.99/mo in the United Kingdom and includes 3,000 monthly minutes for calling in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.


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